Welcome To OzFetish

This website is the online portal for the community whose hub is the OzFetish venue - not just a regular kink event on the Brisbane / Gold Coast calendar but a close-knit group of kinksters with similar interests.

We've seen it grow over the past few years and we'd like to thank all of you who make our fetish nights the best in Queensland.

If you're new to the site and would like to join, please read the articles under the info/join tab, then start the membership process. You will need to provide a current member's name who is willing to vouch for you, or else arrange to meet us in person. The response is NOT automatic, we will get to you when we do. Please DO NOT expect us to respond quickly just because you've decided at the last minute you wish to attend our event, for instance. That's not how it works and besides we will be busy setting up for it, not doing admin. Sometimes we get constantly harassed by people wanting access, doing this is the sure way to be banned forever. Be patient, consider it your first test: this is not a public event despite whatever others may have told you - they are simply wrong - you cannot just come along, and it is not open to the general public. It's our own private property and we kinda get to to say who gets in or not and under what circumstances. 

From the get-go we have unapologetically kept things private and exclusive by hand-vetting those who apply to be members, thus keeping the spirit we like and the privacy, safety and enjoyment of our members paramount.

After a short hiatus we are coming back stronger than ever, and have taken some feedback into account. It was interesting from the last survey that many people were unaware of what was available and what changes had already been made, so we will be more regular with our updates and newsletters - be sure you do read them to keep abreast of things. Also, if you wish to know if something is available, allowed or may be arranged, perhaps asking is the way to go instead of assuming.

Despite our best intentions and best efforts to accommodate and cooperate with other event organisers to ensure the smooth interaction and running of the SEQ scene, we have not enjoyed reciprocal consideration. Therefore, we will now be doing things differently. We are restructuring, reinventing, and announcing events only to members. We are more determined than ever to bring you the best, most creative and enjoyable nights we can, and will do it strictly on our own terms. We thank you for your patience as we've rested and rebuilt. We work hard to constantly improve the premises and amenities, there are opportunities for contributing and helping out!

As part of this, we will also be rolling out new membership options - stay tuned for details!

Welcome back, with warm regards from the OzFetish crew.