OzFetish Play Parties

Information for all attendees , please read all the way through before applying.

OzFetish is an exclusive members-only venue.

This means you can have a fantastic night among friends and don't have to worry about blow-ins, troublesome or disrespectful public, strangers or 'nillas coming in and annoying you. To join you must either know, or be vouched for by a current OzFetish member who has attended more than three events. You can't join and then vouch for another person straight away. 

So, before you join, ASK a current member if they will vouch for you, and then, have them contact us to say you're OK. This is YOUR responsibility, not ours. 


Yes, you can bring along new people, but...

Vouching for someone or bringing them as a plus-one has a responsibility...

Any member that brings another person or vouches for them is responsible for them, and takes responsibility for their behaviour and for explaining the rules and community to them. We're serious about that, so make sure you have a chat to your guests and make sure they're au-fait with the whole jam roll. If your invited guest behaves poorly, they will be asked to leave, and YOU, as the person responsible for bringing them will also suffer a penalty - perhaps being asked to leave as well, and banned from some subsequent events. To save yourself from embarrassment please do not test us on this: we will follow through, so please take this seriously and look after your guest. If you're not prepared to do that and just want to have a good night, fine, just don't bring new people along. We are busy running the event and don't have time to mind deserted newbie plus-ones, besides just leaving new people to themselves is just bad manners. Unsure if the person that you are thinking of bringing or vouching for isn't going to act like a tool? Well guess what, they're not just someone else's problem, they are yours too. So maybe think twice and be sure. We want quality here, not quantity.

So how do I pay?

Book and pay through the site only - there are to be NO cash sales at the door. THIS MEANS YOU. We do not care if you 'forgot', your card was eaten, you think the feds are after you or 'you don't have a bank card because The Government will track your chip, man'. Conspiracy theorists can find another event, perhaps with special rooms and nice guards in white.
OzFetish is for adults only. And adults can manage a bank account and use a computer, and arrange stuff for an event the week, not an hour, beforehand. Can't do that? Well, understand this: Your issues are not our problem. We have rules, and that's it. If you cannot manage simple stuff like this, and can't figure out how to arrange something like a grown-up, you are exactly the kind of person we do not need here. 

Play in Style

Still with us? Awseome. OK, next: There is a dress code. We're a fetish club, so if you turn up in vanilla streetwear, you won't get a look-in. It's that simple. Believe us, people do it and then stand there at the door wondering how we can be so heartless and cruel to not let them in. Seriously. If you bring someone but FAIL to tell the person what is expected, you are in some deep trouble my friend. We may deny both you and your mate entry, because this is not on, and we won't feel bad because YOU fucked up (Notice a theme here?). 
So you know the drill - dress to impress, make an effort. We really don't want to be having that conversation all the time, so here it is: Corsets, PVC, Rubber, Latex, Leather, Metal, Gothic, AB, Club/fetishwear, Formal, BDSM Formal, all these are great. NO sneakers! Black jeans and t-shirt are the very basic minimum - but really, that's for fet BBQs and things, you can do better. Black jeans and rubber t-shirt - great. Black singlet and PVC pants - excellent. Tuxedo or swish formal attire - actually, fine! :-)  Blue jeans or chambray - you'll be slapped with a wet fish, thrown out and membership revoked. Really, it isn't rocket science. If you wanna wear trackies and ugg boots, perhaps this is not the place for you... We want to see everyone looking great and expressing their kink! Oh and by the way - Onesies are NOT fetishwear, so WILL NOT CUT IT. That's the line.

Consent rules, OK?

We are an SSC event. We do not care if you subscribe to some other excuse whereby you get to have wiggle room on what 'consent' really is, change the rules mid-scene, deliberately cross boundaries, violate limits or you get to visit harm on another person. There is no excuse, and I mean none, for going against the bounds of a) common sense, b) undue risk or, c) a person's express wish for you NOT to do a thing, or to do something they did not expressly OK. It is a very simple concept in reality despite the pub-lawyerly attempts of try-hards, big-noters and various other 'rebels' to obfuscate the above. Safe, Sane and Consensual. Break the rules and you're out, permanently. We can not stress enough how seriously we take this, so you really, really do not want to test it. 

Adult behaviour, please.

There's been lot of online whinging about people having 'triggers' of late. This refers to a person having a condition or prior experience that means they may have a reaction to something that happens, that somebody does, someone says or practically anything, anytime, anywhere, or even that may happen in the future and so apparently there should be notices, signs, warnings, waivers, protections, and big red crosses on basically everything just in case. 
No. Anyone who has a genuine issue knows about it and takes steps to manage it, including letting others know and avoiding probable stressful situations. They would be aghast at making their issue not just common knowledge but everyone else's problem to deal with.  
Your 'trigger', your problem. If you come to a fetish event, you know what to expect. There will be loud noises. There may be nudity. There will be activities and scenes acted out between consenting adults. IF YOU CANNOT HANDLE THIS, DO NOT COME ALONG AND MAKE YOUR SHIT EVERYONE ELSE'S PROBLEM. We cannot express this strongly enough. We will not mollycoddle trigger-babies. This is not a creche or asylum. It's a fetish event for fully grown, self-actualised people who are responsible for their own actions.
That said, if you have a genuine problem with a person or something in the venue, bring it to us immediately and we will do our very best to correct or address it for you if (and only if) we deem it necessary. We will also try to accommodate genuine people who need support, that make doing so possible by letting us know way beforehand. 

And another thing.

While we're on the subject, a word about social media. OzFetish is an 'underground' event. That means, by coming along, you agree NOT to publish or share:
  • The address of the venue
  • Information about members
  • Photos from club nights (apart from yourself or your own scene, that you took yourself)
  • Information about the venue
  • Or especially, gripes about people, equipment, an experience or any other problem you have on the night yet fail to mention or have addressed in a timely fashion so it may be dealt with then. This behaviour, commonly exhibited by irresponsible and vindictive people online, will not be tolerated and will be dealt with swiftly and assertively
...on any form of social media including Fetlife and Facebook, without prior permission.
Doing any of the above will get your instantly and permanently banned from all future events. This is your one and only warning.


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