House Rules

With Membership comes responsibility

As a member you agree to uphold our House Rules.

This is important, because they are designed to help ensure we all have a good time, play safely, and that our events can continue and develop into the future.

The OzFetish dresscode for our events is Fetish/ BDSM. The old standard of "No Effort, No Entry" applies.

'Making an effort' might include:

  • Leather

  • Metal

  • Latex

  • PVC

  • Corsetry

  • Gothic / club wear

  • Shiny stuff

  • Deliberate fetish dressing

Keep in mind that these are just a few suggestions and there are many options within them.

What’s not making an effort?

Attire that does not meet our standards includes:

  • Street clothes, even 'smart casual' - it's not a BBQ or baby shower.

  • Denim jeans

  • T-shirts with non-fetish themes 

  • Sneakers

  • Onesies/PJs

If you turn up wearing any of these, even if they're all black, you may be refused entry.


Drug policy

If you are found using illegal drugs you will be asked to leave and your membership revoked.


Drink smart and safe. Anyone intoxicated and behaving badly will be asked to leave and membership reviewed.

This is not a licenced venue, so we do not sell alcohol under any circumstances. 

Bar facilities and staff are provided for your own drinks to be stored chilled, and served to you. 

Our staff have RSA certs and will serve people responsibly.   

All drinks are to be stored behind the bar, eskies, coolers or stashes are not permitted in the party area (inside or out). Please take note of this. 

Soft drinks are supplied and served along with tea, coffee, and water and battle snacks all free of charge.



All guests must be over 18 to attend any OzFetish Event or Skillshare run by ourselves or others.

Rights of Admission are reserved. We reserve the right to refuse entry to any person or group of people at our sole discretion.

Guests enter the premises and attend events entirely at their own risk.

Guests accept any and all responsibility for their actions and will be held responsible for their own actions against any other party.

All equipment in the venue are novelty items only and Guests' use of any equipment is entirely at their own risk.

Guests accept responsibility for checking before use, any equipment and the immediate environment, for its suitability and safety for intended use.

The Organisers and Venue Management and Staff accept no responsibility for any injury, damage, loss or any other outcome caused by activities willingly partaken in with other guests at our events.

It is customary for Guests to bring kit – please keep in mind that you do so at your own risk. OzFetish are not responsible for breakage, loss or theft or items you may bring with you.  

Please ensure that if any play you have planned involves or requires the use of consumables, i.e. swabs, needles, etc be aware you may not raid the venue first aid kit - this is exclusively for accidents and must be available for use in case of emergency. No exceptions! We do however have a range of consumables for sale on the premises, simply ask a staff member. 


OzFetish parties will not provide meals. However, light snacks, tea and coffee etc will be available.

Please eat before you arrive - we're not a restaurant and you will not be allowed entry with fast food.


You are allowed to take photos of your own scene only using a camera on a phone.

DO NOT bring your own camera equipment without prior permission from OzFetish.

Please ensure that permission is given before taking any picture.

Do not post pictures of the venue or members on any social media site.

If a House photographer is invited they will be announced and be identified, the aim of this is to have a record of a party for members of OzFetish to look at after the event or for those members who missed a party and their friends. Any other specific photography will be clearly announced and will always be optional to be involved with. 

This not a social media site and is only for those likely to attend a party in the flesh.

With this in mind please consider your permission when the photographer asks to take a picture. If you wish to vet pictures prior to them being posted please say no to the photographer. We will not distribute pictures for vetting, the time alone would be prohibitive. If you want a copy of pictures a photographer has taken, it will be your responsibility to contact the photographer and arrange for copies to be sent to you.  



OzFetish events are run according the the principles of SSC.

Safe, Sane and Consensual (SSC) is one of several acronyms used by a large section of the BDSM community to describe philosophy towards sensible, responsible play and is considered a watchword for safety.

The principles are that BDSM activities should be:

Safe: All reasonable efforts will be made to identify and minimise* risks to health

Sane: Activities should pass a simple logical risk vs outcome test and not pose risk of actual harm of a damaging nature to any party, or be undertaken whilst any party is affected by inebrients.

Consensual: All activities should involve the full and informed consent of all parties involved, but note that legal consent may not create a defence to criminal liability for any injuries caused in the course of play. Consent may not be given by a party under the influence of an altered state of mind. (This could be related to substances, emotional state or endorphin high - you need to have gained actual consent well in advance).

* note, minimise sensibly, not eliminate risk entirely.

RACK is another term which stands for Risk Aware Consensual  Kink (or similar).

Effectively this means you aware of the risks as stated above but are happy to proceed anyway.

This is demonstrably in conflict with the SSC principles - for instance saying "Yes I am aware it's unsafe and stupid to run out into fast moving traffic, but I will do so regardless". We believe simply knowing about risks without doing anything about them is taking insufficient responsibility. 

Others may have a different interpretation to the above: These are the common definitions as we understand them, and as we expect our guests to behave. OzFetish does not wish to be drawn into discussion about this; our requirements are clearly stated.

Refer also to the Event Time tab - This is also important


OzFetish respects and protects the privacy of all visitors to our events.

OzFetish is not a public venue so do not bring along others who are not on the door list. Please don't put us in the position where we have to refuse entry - we don't want to do this but staff are instructed to abide by the House Rules in this regard.

You are allowed to register yourself and one other person for OzFetish Parties. This other person may already be a member of the site. If they are not then you are vouching for them. OzFetish reserves the right to refuse entry to the other member, if they are on a banned list or there is some other issue. There really is not going to be a case in which a person who is banned does not know about such a restriction.

There are private residences on the venue site - they are out of bounds, please respect this.

Please consider our neighbours when entering and leaving the venue - use some discretion and keep the noise down.

No Facebook or any other social-media check-ins - remember, this is a private event and residence.

Talking about events on Fetlife is fine but please do not disclose the address or details in any public place including Fetlife.

Event Time

Hours of operation for OzFetish Events are 8pm to 3am unless otherwise stated. Please do not arrive early as there will be no admittance prior to start time.

No means No! Asking people to play or being asked to play, is a compliment. Continuing to ask them after you get a "No, thanks" is harassment. Show good grace. Predatory behaviour at OzFetish will not be tolerated.

OzFetish events are D/s respectful spaces, so BDSM etiquette applies - this means if someone is part of a Dominant / Submissive couple, please refer to the Dominant first, and ask permission before interacting or especially touching, their slave.

DO NOT interrupt, speak to or touch any participants in the middle of a scene, or talk loudly around them. Interrupting a scene will probably destroy any energy they have been striving to achieve, and besides it is just plain rude. If a submissive is in bondage in the middle of the floor by him/herself, assume their Dominant is nearby watching over their safety. If you are in doubt that someone is in a scene, watch and you will soon be able to tell.

Observe discretely from a safe distance. Please be aware of backswing of implements in use and stay back. The venue space is intended primarily for players, but it's a big space so there is no excuse for crowding a scene.

If you have an issue or complaint, please speak to one of our friendly staff. They will take it seriously and take the appropriate action, which may be none - just because you have a feeling about something does not mean you get to dictate events. Triggered? Then leave the area, go and chill outside or something. Your problem is not everyone else's problem. OzFetish is not a creche or a sheltered workshop, it is an event for adults. Behave like one, or leave. 

Toys are very important and quite personal items. Touching someone's toys is not a good idea unless you have their permission. "Borrowing" toys which are "lying around" is exceptionally bad etiquette. Having your toys stolen is more than monetary. It's a violation. Anyone caught stealing toys will be banned from attending any future event.

Don't rest toys on, sit on or hog dungeon equipment as others may want to use it. Likewise, please respect all furniture as you would your own.

If you make a mess clean it up and always clean the equipment after use.

If you intend to do play that looks non-consensual, for instance a take-down, or may be deemed to be extreme edge play PLEASE inform us in advance because it is our job to help ensure safety and consent. It's not fun to have a DM break in on your scene in order to ascertain your submissive's safety after concerns being expressed by onlookers. It tends to really ruin your headspace so consider this ahead of time. Common Sense applies.

The OzFetish House safeword is Mercy, or the standard traffic lights (Red, Green, Amber). During other's play, you may see things going on that you feel are dangerous, disturbing, etc. "No" is not a safeword – neither is begging. A lot of people like to protest while they are playing. Having the submissive crying, screaming or struggling is not grounds for breaking in on a scene. For some people, this sort of play is fun. If you see what you feel might be non-consensual play, dangerous play, etc. do not try to stop it yourself, tell the DM or staff and if they tell you it's okay, please take their word for it as they are likely familiar with the style of play and/or the players involved.

One final thing - we're not prudes, and we happily encourage scenes involving sexual elements. However, we are not a sex club and rampant fucking and vanilla sex is not what we're about. Please take that home and enjoy it there.